Services & Process

I bring 20 years of experience to your project. You will find that my unique 15 Steps from Before to After Process makes everything so much easier for you. If you are embarking on a new build or major renovation of your home or business, contact me for your Discussion and Assessment.

Contact me or call me at 905-941-6063 to discuss your project in detail.

Serving homes and businesses in the Niagara Peninsula, from Oakville to Ft. Erie, from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Brantford.

My 15 Steps from Before to After

1 - Discussion and Assessment.
I invite you to tell me what you want. I ask a series of questions and listen carefully to understand your style, objectives and budget.

2- Engagement of Services.
A written agreement is completed and with your permission I place a small sign on your lawn. I further access the space and take inventory of items to stay.

3 - Design Floor Plan.
I design a floor plan for you. The design provides for your objectives, traffic flow and focal points in your room.

4 - Review of Plan.
Together we review what the space will look like and how it will function once completed.

5 - Walk-Through and Approval.
We walk through the space and discuss it. On your approval, I develop the conceptual plans, including sketches to illustrate design concepts.

6 - Material and Finishes.
I select the materials and finishes that best represent your preferred look.

7 - Furniture, Fixtures and Millwork Selection.
I select these to maintain the design direction in the space and present them to you for your approval.

8 - Instruction to Trades.
I provide detail drawings to the trades to facilitate pricing, construction, installation and electrical requirements.

9 - Compliance and Review.
I review the construction documents, including plans, elevations, details and specifications, to ensure compliance with the design direction.

10 - Project Management.
I manage schedules for the work to complete the project and interface with other professionals for you including architects, engineers and trades.

11 - Review of Bids.
I help you review bids and negotiate pricing to ensure adhesion to budget and design.

12 - Purchase Furniture and Fixtures.
I co-ordinate the purchase of the selected furniture, lighting and fixtures.

13 - Site Supervision.
I supervise installation of the furniture, lighting and fixtures.

14 - Final Dressing.
I complete the project with a final dressing of the space. This includes final touches such as wall d├ęcor, placement of pictures and use of accessories.

15 - Client Satisfaction Survey.
My goal is to exceed your expectations. Please complete my brief survey. I welcome and value your comments.