Services & Process


Leanne Mosquite's signature 15 Steps from Before to After Process is informed by more than 20 years of experience managing large-scale renovation and design projects.  This meticulous system minimizes your stress by ensuring your project progresses on schedule and on budget.  Leanne prioritizes clear communication with all project stateholders and always strives for finished interiors that exceed expectations.

1. Discussion and Assessment Meeting

At this initial meeting, you have an opportunity to share your needs and wish list for your project. Leanne asks a series of questions and listens carefully to understand your style, objectives and budget. You learn more about the Leanne Mosquite Design process. The meeting is free of charge.

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2. Engagement of Services

You receive a written agreement to sign outlining the scope of work and fees.  With your permission, a Leanne Mosquite Design sign is placed on your lawn. Step 2 also includes site visits during which the designer and team gather essential information such as measurements and an inventory of existing items.

3. Design Floor Plan

LMD draws up a floor plan that provides for efficient and pleasant traffic flow while taking into consideration focal points and meeting your objectives for the space.

4. Review of Plan

Leanne presents plans for what the space will look like and how it will function once complete and together you review the plans.

5. Walk-Through and Approval

Leanne joins you to walk through the space and discuss plans. Upon gaining your approval to move forward, Leanne develops the plans further, which includes creating sketches to illustrate design concepts.

6. Material and Finish Selection

Leanne selects the materials and finishes that best represent your preferred look.

7. Furniture, Fixtures and Millwork Selection

Leanne selects these to achieve the design direction for the space and presents them to you for your approval.

8. Instruction to Trades

Leanne provides detailed drawings to the trades to facilitate pricing, construction, installation and electrical requirements.

9. Compliance and Review

Leanne reviews the construction documents, including plans, elevations, details and specifications, to ensure compliance with the design direction.

10. Project Management

Leanne manages schedules for any work required to implement the design.  She maintains regular communication with other professionals involved in the project, such as architects, engineers and building trades.

11. Review of Bids

You receive advice and guidance from Leanne when reviewing bids and negotiating pricing to ensure adherence to the budget and design.

12. Purchase Furniture and Fixtures

Leanne purchases the selected furniture, lighting and fixtures and monitors the shipping and delivery process.

13. Site Supervision

The design elements such as furniture, lighting and fixtures arrive at your home, and Leanne ensures they are installed according to the plan.

14. Final Dressing

Finishing touches such as wall decor, artwork and accessories are installed and arranged to bring the design vision to life.

15. Client Satisfaction Survey

Leanne Mesquite Design always strives to exceed your expectations. In this final stage you complete a brief survey and your valued comments are welcomed.

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